Seano & SPCLGST Team-Up to Rep Biggie and Win the Top 5 Event!


Five Star Restaurant and Bar hosted an event a few years back called, “Top5”. The concept was awesome. There were 5 teams each consisting of a DJ and a visual artist. Each team was assigned what is to be considered one of the five best rappers of all time. The artist would create a piece that reflected the style of the artist and the DJ would create a 15 minute set comprised of the rapper’s body of work. I was paired with the legendary (fellow Oak City Hustler) DJ SPCLGST. Needless to say, everybody brought their A-game and killed it but it was “yours truly” and the man SPCLGST that brought home the grand prize. I mean, what can I say? Biggie Smalls is the illest.

seano-spclgst-biggie-smalls-top-5top-five-biggie-smalls-painting-dj-spclgst-1top-five-biggie-smalls-painting-1 top-five-biggie-smalls-painting-2 top-five-biggie-smalls-painting-3 top-five-biggie-smalls-painting-dj-forge-1