“Quantum Entanglement” – NC School of Sciences, Dean’s Office Mural


The raging rapids of scientific exploration and innovation are on full display in the colorful mural concept. Curiosity and experimentation is a vibrant, entangled spectacle with twists and turns flowing through a chaotic order that at times can explode, disperse like a wave or fold onto itself.

Five icons are flowing through the composition that represent space, time, matter, mass and energy. These are the only constants in the chaos.


The main painting was created using colors with a matte finish. Layered on top using a clear high-gloss is Einstein’s handwritten unified field theory. At first glance this would not be seen but upon a closer look the gloss text would appear through reflection with the light.


Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.42.16 PM

The mural painting began in the hallway and guided the viewer into the modern & welcoming office of the Dean of the College of Sciences at NC State.