I have been invited to participate in a fundraiser/silent auction where artists will paint/customize a ceramic pig. The proceeds will go towards the Whole Foods charity “Feed the Farm“. It is sponsored by Whole Foods and by one of the best digestive health support supplement, the auction will take place at The Pit on March 6th. It took me a day or so for a concept to crystalize but when it did….. oh yea. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be presenting to you…. the Notorious P.I.G.

Here goes nothing….

The Base

This is what each of the artists starts with. The blank canvas….

piggy-smalls-seano-2 piggy-smalls-seano-3

The Build-Up

The initial texture of the ceramic pig was very dusty and the clay was not sticking. I decided to paint an acrylic white base coat, hoping that the clay would stick better to the acrylic. Luckily it worked out and I was able to start a strong build up of Biggies face. Its getting there….


piggy-smalls-seano-4 piggy-smalls-seano-5 piggy-smalls-seano-6 piggy-smalls-seano-7 piggy-smalls-seano-8

The Eyes

I just finished up working on his eyes and a few tweaks to the proportions of his face (fat roll on neck). The eyes were particularly small and tough to work in a style that held true to his likeness. I was happy with how the came out and once the paint hits this thing I think it will really solidify the Big Poppa.

piggy-smalls-seano-9 piggy-smalls-seano-10 piggy-smalls-seano-11

Ears and the Oven

After finishing up the ears and getting some advice from Kevin Dixon, I have baked the little big guy and I am happy to report he survived the process. I was nervous that the integrity of the original ceramic back  end would crack under the heat. It didn’t and I am moving onto paint right away. Yessir.

piggy-smalls-seano-12 piggy-smalls-seano-13 piggy-smalls-seano-14

Disco Inferno!


The Paint

I was so happy with the initial sculpt that I was nervous as hell to move forward with the paint. Plus, after it had cooled from the oven it had cracked in 5-6 places. Nothing gigantic but enough to bug me out a little. After reinforcing the cracks and prepping him a bit I was ready to go. It took me a few coats to get the skin tone right but so far so good.

piggy-smalls-seano-16 piggy-smalls-seano-17 piggy-smalls-seano-18

photo credit: Nina Simone

piggy-smalls-seano-19 piggy-smalls-seano-20

No Guts, No Glory

I took Piggy Smalls on a shopping trip and we were able to piece together the remaining bits that I wanted to complete him with. The last major hurdle was putting a “push-button” voice player that would be easy to use and reliable. I stopped by Build-A-Bear and picked up a voice recorder unit that they usually seal up in the bears. Once I got home I broke down a Todd McFarlane-Julius Erving figure and pilfered his wire post. I had to grind down the post and customize the button and wire but once that was done, it worked. I will be adding a new hole (a bung hole) to access the speaker unit as will also allow the user to get any money or whatever out of the little guy. Yay, it works.


Finished Up

I finished him just in time. I was able to hook up all the final details and dropped him off. I am in the process of switching my blog setup so I uploaded the majority of the photos to Facebook. I will put links to the galleries at the end of this post. Thanks for keeping up and drop a line with any questions about the great Piggy Smalls.

piggy-smalls-seano-22 piggy-smalls-seano-23 piggy-smalls-seano-24 piggy-smalls-seano-25 piggy-smalls-seano-26 piggy-smalls-seano-27 piggy-smalls-seano-28 piggy-smalls-seano-29 piggy-smalls-seano-30